Second Career Nurses – A Panel Discussion for Nursing Notes Live

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In this episode of Nursing Notes Live, the panel discussion revolves around those who choose nursing as a second career. What do these nurses bring to the profession and do they face unique challenges entering the rigorous training as a nurse at a mid-point in their lives.

Our Nursing Notes Live Panel

  • Suzette Cardin: Suzette holds a doctorate in Nursing Science and is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the UCLA School of Nursing.
  • Christy Dryer: Christy Dryer, MSN, RN, CNE has a background in medical/surgical nursing with time also spent in pediatrics and staff education. She is currently the Director of Nursing and Health Professions at Cecil College and enrolled in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program at the University of Maryland.
  • Jack Jordanowski: Jack is currently working on the telemetry floor of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway and loving it. Charge Nurse. Ex United States Air Force Officer. Graduated from Rutger’s University School of Nursing at 47.
  • Rick Russotti: Rick is the host/author of Mitigation Journal podcast/blog. He retired from the Ridge Road Fire District as a battalion chief after 21 years of service and continues to work as a paramedic and EMS educator while pursuing nursing at Monroe Community College. Rick lives in Greece, NY with his wife and five children.

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