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10 Tips for Starting a Podcast Worksheet

To avoid Ready, FIRE, Aim syndrome it helps to have a plan of action to do any project. Planning provides you with several important pieces of information before you get started in production. These are the three things that every prospective podcaster should work out before they begin production.

  • Expand on the topic of your program
  • Explore the depth of your sub-topics (or episode topics)
  • Extend the life of your message

Expand on the podcast topic

You have selected your topic but what are you really going to talk about in that topic. Most of us can’t just talk endlessly about a subject off the top of our heads. Maybe you can pull this off once or twice but will you have the material to do it long term? Spending some time really looking at your proposed topic and subtopic can tell you how much you really have to say on the subject.

For instance, you like the outdoors working in your yard and decided to do a show about animals around you. As you examined it, you decided that it was too broad. You narrowed down to look at bugs specifically.

Be specific but, not too specific, which leads us into . . .

Explore the depth of the podcast sub-topic

Now that you have a grasp of the scope of your topic, it’s time to figure out how many sub-topics you can create about the main subject. This may make you decide to refocus your main topic if you decide that you are covering too much ground and aren’t staying in a focused area of content. Using our example above, you picked bugs but when you started looking at the number of episode ideas you decided to pare it down even farther to bugs and gardening. Now you can really dig in to some interesting topics such as good bugs vs. bad bugs, how to identify different garden bugs, garden bug predators, pesticides and food from your garden, natural bug prevention, etc.

Extend the life of your podcast message

This takes the focused podcast topic and the separate episode ideas and organizes it in such a way that people will actually want to listen. This is your goal after all, right? Your program will be enjoyed, commented on and shared by many more people if it is organized and set up to be predictable. Audiences like to have some level of expectations met by your program. They want it to be about the same length each time, they want to know that the contact information is in the same place along with the week’s tip and all of the other parts. Your audience will also want to know when and how often they can come back for more!

Planning for all of these things is important for a podcast’s success.

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10 Tips for Starting a Podcast Worksheet