Health Care Professional Conferences


MedicCast Productions has made a specialty out of our conference media coverage. Our goals are to bring the conference highlights to those who couldn’t attend and to boost interest in attending future group events.

Out team of program hosts from a variety of health care professions brings a unique look and feel to the videos produced from your event. We understand the key issues and know what questions to ask during interview and commentary segments that make sense to your audience.

Live Streaming Conference Sessions

A professionally produced, multi-camera video view of your event’s key speakers and sessions is a valuable marketing tool for future events but why miss out on potential live viewers? Streaming your event’s key programming over the web to your membership not in attendance is one way to keep your audience connected, even at a distance.

MedicCast Productions can take your road show and bring it to a live audience at home via the internet on any computer via their web browsers. Live chat room commentary can be used to engage your remote audience and encourage them to attend future events in person. Full digital versions are recorded simultaneously for release afterwards on your website or online channels like YouTube, Vimeo,, and others.

DSCF5993Get Conference Coverage Consultation

Find out how conference coverage with our team of video and hosting professionals can help your event marketing and promotion, before, during, and after the convention. Our “Podcast Studio” brings a live TV studio to your program, with live versions of our ProMed Network shows produced LIVE from your exhibit hall or conference center. Our hosts interview your leadership and speakers about the trends and research affecting your niche in the health care industry.

Contact Jamie Davis via email or call directly to 443-309-2090 for your risk free conference video consultation.