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Social Media Consulting

MedicCast Productions provides companies the knowledge and tools they need to compete and communicate using social media.

Advertising Opportunities
MedicCast Productions offers sponsorship opportunities for their own programming and the shows on the ProMed Network.
Live Production on the Road
The MedicCast Productions team takes their live productions on the road to cover conferences and conventions in all areas of health care.

MedicCast Productions

MedicCast Productions was founded in 2005 with a goal to produce high quality, educational, online audio and video content on health care topics, for health care professionals. Our first regularly produced program was the MedicCast, which started as a weekly online audio program that served the emergency medical services community. In 2007, the Nursing Show was added as the second program on the slate to provide a similar resource for the nursing community.

ProMed Network

In 2008 MedicCast Productions teamed up with Raw Voice, Inc. to create the ProMed Network, a podcast network specializing in high quality health care programming. The MedicCast and Nursing Show were joined by 13 other health related programs. There are currently over 45 programs on the network. The MedicCast Productions team manages the network and arranges sponsorship and advertising packages for the programs.

Conference Reporting

Starting in 2009 the team added Insights in Nursing, a panel discussion show that reached out to online nursing leadership to come together and discuss current issues in health care and the field of nursing. Also in 2009, the MedicCast team was invited to attend their first health care conference with the purpose of covering and reporting from the event.

At EMS World Expo 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, the MedicCast joined several other ProMed Network EMS shows producing episodes live from the exhibit hall floor. In addition, 2009 marked the addition of  studio video versions of the shows for both the Nursing Show and the MedicCast to support the call from fans for more video content.

New Programming

MedicCast Productions now produces 6 programs on a regular basis including producing two programs under contract with two prominent companies in the health care arena. The most recent addition is the Health Tech Weekly program featuring weekly reviews and commentary on health and fitness gadgets and apps like a waist training cincher which help to lose weight and form the waist.

The team also regularly produces individual video projects for other companies both inside and outside of the health care space. If you have a video project about which you’d like to consult, contact Jamie Davis, the Podmedic directly.

Here at the MedicCast, our goal is to serve the health care community by bringing broadcast quality video and audio content directly to them through both online and traditional channels.